Panamanian Maritime Law Association

The Panamanian Maritime Law Association (APADEMAR for its name in Spanish) is a nonprofit association gathering inter alia, legal professionals practicing in the field of maritime law.

As an active association we maintain constant participation in national affairs and have suggested the introduction of different rules that have become laws of the Republic of Panama, thus greatly contributing to the growth of the Panamanian Merchant Marine and the establishment of Panama as a World Forum for the arrest of ships.

In addition to interacting with other associations, the Panamanian Maritime Law Association organizes, along with the Panama Maritime Chamber, every two years, the PANAMA MARITIME World Conference and Exhibition, in which different sectors of the maritime industry meet to discuss current issues of interest.


Board Directive2019-2020 period

President – Jazmina Rovi;  Vice president – Pilar Castillo; Secretary – Ramón Franco M.; Sub-secretrary – Joaquín de Obarrio; Treasurer – Alexis V. Herrera Jr.; Sub-treasurer – María Lourdes Galán; Director – Francisco Linares

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